Not Pennies but Dimes from Heaven

No Pennies but Dimes from HeavenI can’t remember if I was coming home or leaving home but I was stopped by the sight of a dime sitting on my bright orange kitchen table. I couldn’t figure out why it was there because I never leave change around. I spent a few seconds pondering how it got there; quickly deciding that it wasn’t a serious problem that required my solving in that moment or ever. As I picked it up to place it in my change purse, I couldn’t take my eyes from its shine. I held it in my palm gazing and saying to myself this is the shiniest dime I have ever seen; feeling equal parts mesmerized and bewildered by this shiny dime. And then carried on with my life as if it never happened.

Until it happened again, maybe it was a week later or a month later but the same exact moment reoccurred. Another random dime found on the orange table, followed by my confusion, and then the wonder at how shiny a dime it was. Briefly I tried to make sense of it. Then never thought about it again until…

Months later with an open mind, I arrived at my appointment to visit a medium, a person who communicates with dead people. Throughout the enjoyable hour of hearing true and funny stories about my mother who died in the spring, she told me that my mother was saying that she had been leaving me dimes.

I explained to the confident medium that I had yet to be left dimes. During the reading, I had no memory of my dime discoveries and would never have made a connection to the passing of my mother and her leaving me actual dimes on a real table anyway.

Driving home I joyfully replayed the anecdotes of my mother and pondered the likelihood of the glimpse into my future that the medium spoke of. When suddenly, I remembered the dimes. The. Dimes! The shiny mesmerizing and confusing dimes that were found on my kitchen table. The “culprit” was my deceased mother leaving me dimes…..not pennies….. from Heaven.

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