The Mother Lode

motherlodeOnce the medical chaos, due to the copious heart wrenching decisions and urgent medical details were neatly wrapped up, I wearily resumed my consistent life which thankfully included a family vacation to paradise.

Sensing that I probably hadn’t seen my mother in a long time, I uneasily scrutinized the calendar.  With a heavy sign and a disapproving shake of my head I accepted the reality. It had been far too long. In that moment, I realized my resentment of her treatment of me was now leading my actions. Knowing that I didn’t want the resentment being the catalyst of my actions, I forcefully stuffed it down.

Opening to the intuitive sense and directive that visiting her was vital. She, my highest self, communicated by using a gentle pulsing body sensation that meant visit on Saturday.  My highest self, also included a time that had a 1 in it. I didn’t understand if it was 11:00am or 1:00pm but on the next Saturday I did as I was magically led.

Arriving at 130pm, I found her curled up in her nursing home chair unable to move freely or speak. Taking a deep reflective breath, I sat beside her and held her hand. She sensed someone near her and we held hands for 45 minutes. When she let go, I expressed my perspective to the caring medical staff.  We agreed that her body was preparing for death. Four days later she died.

Listening to her, my highest self, instead of my resentment was a loving, peaceful, and positive action……. for both my mother and myself. She is now emotionally and physically at peace.



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